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Can I Take a Bath to the Tip?

Whilst remodelling a bathroom is an exciting project, it will create a lot of waste including challenges over how to properly dispose of the old bath you no longer want. In this blog, we discuss legal and ethical bathtub disposal, including whether you can take a bath to the tip (plus other alternatives). 

In short, yes you can take a bath to your local tip. But it is best to get in touch with your nearby Household Waste Recycling Centre. It is recommended to verify the recycling centre’s hours on your local council’s website and give them a call in advance, as some tips may require an appointment, particularly for bigger loads. 

If you are still unsure and would like to find out how much it would cost for us to remove and dispose of an old bath legally, the experts at Zero Waste Group can provide quick and easy recommendations and answer any questions you have. Simply call us on 0333 255 0109. We can arrive at your property, remove your bath, rubble, and other garden or building waste. 

Alternatively, please use our booking system and get a quick and efficient waste clearance. 

Don’t risk your bath being fly-tipped by unlicensed operators 

Fly tipping carries a hefty fine and possible prosecution. There have been examples in the press recently where homeowners have paid unlicensed waste removal people to take old baths and building waste away, only to then hear it’s been fly-tipped. 

The responsibility is ultimately yours as the owner of the bath, especially if the fly-tipper cannot be identified. So how can you dispose of a bath responsibly and ethically?  

How to dispose of a bath legally and ethically

Take it to the tip 

As mentioned previously, you can take your bath to the tip. As baths are large and heavy find out from the recycling facility if you need any special authorisation or identification to carry them in a vehicle. 

Verify the opening hours as well, since they may differ for vehicles and vans. Recycling centres provide skips to sort different materials out like ceramics from rubble. Taps should go in the mixed metal skip. 

Hire a licensed waste clearance company

With the mission of offering excellent service, Zero Waste Group is a one of the leading companies for waste removal. With years of experience in collecting and properly disposing of waste, our staff can handle all the work for you. 

Why not book a rubbish removal service with us? 

Hire a skip 

A very convenient way to get rid of your bath is to hire a skip. At Zero Waste Group, our tough, reliable, and affordable skips are great for a range of bulky items. 

Arrange a Council collection 

Make a request for a local council to pick up the bath. Most councils offer a bulky waste clearance service. The cost will vary depending on how big and heavy the item is and whether you want to add more items for disposal. Be sure to get in touch with your local council for more information on this service – if they can’t help, use our service.  

Try and sell your old bath

Sell the precious material and metal components of your bathroom suite to a scrap dealer or online. Taps and copper piping may all be profitable. You might even find someone wants to buy the whole thing.

Recycle or repurpose the bath 

If you can’t get rid of your old bath using the methods above then you could recycle it. Here are some ideas… 

  • Outdoor planter 
  • Outdoor spa 
  • Coffee table 
  • Wheelbarrow 

With these suggestions, you may turn something that would often go to waste into something new, cut costs on cleaning up the debris and construct something that will give your house or garden a unique yet useful twist.

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