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Can You Take Carpet to the Tip?

Is your carpet nearing the end of its lifecycle or you want to simply upgrade? If so, changing the type of flooring to either hardwood, laminate or vinyl could leave a pile of leftover carpet which you might struggle to dispose of. There are various ways you can dispose of old carpet, but please make sure you do so ethically and responsibly.

You might wonder whether you can take carpet to the local tip? The short answer is yes, you can take carpet to the tip. Most local Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) accept old carpet waste. 

However, please bear in mind you will have to remove it yourself, possibly make many trips, and inevitably clean the mess left behind in your car.  If you need any help in getting rid of old carpet by a licensed waste carrier, we can do it for you. Click here to get a quote.

There are other ways you can dispose of old carpet though, and this blog will help you discover what different options you have including recycling, taking it to the tip and even the legal implications of disposing of your carpet waste.  

Want to avoid all that hassle? Simply book our Man & Van waste removal service. The team at Zero Waste Group would be more than happy to handle all the waste, so that you don’t have to. Call us on 0345 241 6055 and get a quote. 

Here are your carpet disposal options in full. 

Can you put carpet in the bin?

You should not really put old carpet in the bin, including general household or commercial waste bins. The reason is due to the fact they might not be accepted in landfills. 

And please don’t be tempted to give old carpet to an unlicensed waste carrier. This carries the risk of fly-tipping which is illegal and could carry a fine. As the owner of the carpet waste, you could be held legally responsible.

So, what are the best ways to dispose of old carpet?

Ways to dispose of old carpet

There are many options you have to dispose of unwanted carpet, some more labour intensive than others. The main options are listed below: 

1) Put it in a skip  

You can put old carpet in a skip (hire one here). Your carpet waste including underlay and padding can be disposed this way. Zero Waste Group offers a fast and reliable skip hire service which you can book to get rid of your waste

2) Ask your carpet fitter 

Some carpet fitters also often remove your old carpet for you. However, this would come at a price due to the size, and often charge by the square metre. It’s best to check if your carpet fitter has a waste carriers license to dispose of waste legally

3) Use the bulky waste collection service from the council 

Although relatively cheap, the wait times for collection of the waste could be very long compared to hiring a private waste collector. There is still the problem of having to handle the carpet yourself as they can’t come into your house. Check your local council’s website for prices and booking including details on their service.   

4) Use a waste clearance service 

An easy yet still affordable option is to hire a waste clearance company like Zero Waste Group. We are a leading company in the waste management industry. A hassle-free service that diverts all waste ethically and responsibly. 

Of course, using this method means you do have to pay to get rid of old carpet. If you want to get started, book in a waste clearance today!

5) Take your old carpet to the tip 

The chances of being able to take your carpet to the tip for disposal is relatively high. This is because most HWRCs accept carpet and is usually the cheapest option because tips rarely charge for disposal. It’s worth checking beforehand with the recycling centre as to if they would accept your specific materials. 

6) Recycle your old carpet 

Carpets can be reused in many ways like for insulation and scraps of fabrics for other uses. Some ways you can recycle your carpet are listed below: 

  • Voluntarily provide your carpet to any charity refurbishment projects if it’s still in good condition.
  • See if your local council offers carpet recycling services.
  • Find out whether carpet shops offer recycling services.
  • List and sell your carpet on places like, eBay and Facebook Marketplace as you never know other people may want it.

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