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Can You Take Soil to the Tip?

After completing various gardening and renovation projects it’s possible a lot of excess soil will have been produced and left behind. Getting rid of the soil can be a hassle and prove to be a much bigger challenge than you anticipated. So, the question is, what do you do with it, and can you take soil to the tip?

Yes, you can take soil to the tip, but please check in advance with your HWRC as there can often be limits on how much soil you can take, and charges can be applicable after a certain amount. For example, Hampshire HWRCs let households take 8 fifty litre bags a week, and after that, charge £3 per bag. 

If you feel you have more than that, you could talk to us at Zero Waste Group for a quote. We will arrive at your home or property, and remove any soil, rubble, and other garden or building waste. Please use our booking system to get a quote

If you aren’t sure how much soil you have that needs shifting, our experts can provide quick and easy recommendations and answer any questions you have. Simply call on 0345 241 6055. Alternatively, book a garden clearance and let our team handle everything.

So, that was the easy answer about taking soil to the tip, but there are alternatives, all of which we’ve laid out in the blog below, including legal considerations. 

How do I dispose of excess soil?

Take it to the tip

As we’ve established, across the UK many household waste recycling centres (HWRC) will accept soil disposal. It’s worth noting that these centres are most likely to charge you for your garden waste including grass clippings, branches and debris. 

Get in touch with your local HWRC to check for opening times and prices.

Use a waste clearance service

You can avoid the problem of heavy labour, transport, mess and risk to your personal health. Use a licensed waste carrier such as the Zero Waste Group to handle your waste by booking in a man and van service.

We cover the whole of the south of England and offer garden clearance services to any town or city from south London to the coast, east of Dorchester, and west of Chichester. Some of the larger areas we operate in include:

Advertise in your surrounding area

You may not want your excess soil, but others might. It’s worth checking with anyone you know if they may find the soil of any use for themselves or anyone they know. This is because the soil could be important in any present or future construction project they have planned. 

Additionally, perhaps local farmers would most likely have a use for it and can use their necessary equipment to transport the soil?

Why not market your excess soil on sites like Facebook, eBay or Gumtree? There are millions of people who shop online every day, and chances are there are people working on landscaping projects as we speak. You can capitalise on that and increase chances of your excess soil making you money, or they take it for free.

Reuse it for a DIY project

If you possess good quality soil it may be worth saving it for any future gardening or construction projects. For example, a base for a flower bed, planting in garden pots and patio work.

Book a skip Hire

Consider hiring a skip for soil disposal. This is a convenient way to get rid of your garden waste at a time best suited to you. This allows for less mess and hassle of labour and transport. Once the skip is full and your waste is all disposed of contact the relevant skip hiring company to get take the skip.

Zero Waste Group offers an affordable and efficient skip hire service which is worth checking out. No matter the size of skip you need, we can help you to safely and effectively dispose of your waste.

Is dumping soil illegal in the UK? 

Fly-tipping is illegal, including the tipping of soil. It is a crime due to causing environmental damage and a risk to public health. Most commonly people resort to dumping waste to avoid disposal costs. However, there are many ways you can dispose of your soil which you may not have even thought about which we will explain below.

Different ways garden soil can be reused instead of being taken to the tip

Struggling to find out what to do with left over soil? How about transforming the soil into something of value which could benefit you in the long run. Explore further to see how instead of disposing of soil it could be cheaper to maintain and reuse it.

Utilising as compost

Enhance the physical, chemical and biological properties and revitalise your soil. An added benefit is that it can prevent you adding to green waste and reduces your carbon footprint.

Quit using herbicides

Not only do herbicides destroy weeds but aid in altering the metabolic processes of plants. Additionally, destroying advantageous bacteria and microorganisms further worsening the soil quality.

Using wood chips

Using woods chips make for excellent mulch as well as providing organic matter as a great food source. There is reduced irrigation and improves the overall soil structure.

Stop overusing NPK fertilizers

Common use of Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium (NPK) fertilizers could harm healthy soil nutrients and microorganisms. Polluting waterways and making greenery highly susceptible to disease and pests.

As a result of thorough maintenance of the soil, the value of it could remain high. This means that, there is increased chances of being able to keep your soil, sell your soil, use it for patio, flowerbeds and landscaping projects. Ultimately, saving you money instead of getting rid of it.

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