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Furniture Collection in Farnborough (Free or Paid Options)

Furniture Collection in Farnborough

Have you recently bought new furniture, or maybe you have moved home, or perhaps you have a house that needs clearing? All these options will often result in you needing to get rid of old furniture items including sofas, chairs, tables and whatever else it might be that you no longer have need or room for.

If this sounds like you, and you need a furniture collection in Farnborough, then you’re lucky as there are a few ways you can get rid of old furniture, all of which are environmentally friendly!

Before you read our tips for Farnborough furniture collection, please be very cautious of unlicensed man and van services who offer to remove your old furniture. There has been a spate of fly-tipping incidents in Hampshire recently, and what many people don’t realise is that if the furniture is traced back to you, you could be held legally responsible for the offence. Fines can be as high as £50,000 or 12 months in prison.

With that in mind, how do you get rid of old furniture in Farnborough without breaking the law, and being environmentally friendly? Below are all the options you have for disposing of bulky items in the Farnborough and Hampshire areas. 

Furniture collection options in Farnborough

1. Get Zero Waste to collect it who can donate or recycle it for you

As a fully licensed and insured waste transfer company, we can take any old furniture you no longer need and dispose it. Furniture that can still be used will be donated to local Farnborough or Hampshire charities or recycled. 

If your old and unwanted furniture is no longer in a fit state to be used again, then it will be taken to a local waste centre and broken down. 97% of the waste will then be diverted away from landfill sites for recycling. 

To find out more and book a collection of your old furniture, please click here

Our friendly team will collect your old furniture no matter where you are in Farnborough.

2. Get Rushmoor Council to collect it

Rushmoor Council offer a bulky waste collection service for those classed as resident households, and not businesses in Farnborough. They will collect sofas, but will refuse to do so, if it has become wet and too heavy to lift. 

However, this is not a free service. A table with 6 chairs is estimated to cost £80 for them to dispose of. They do offer discounts for those claiming benefits.

We do not know what environmentally friendly measures Rushmoor Council practise but have to assume that recycling takes place. 

3.  Sell it yourselves and save the money

If you have the time and inclination, and the old furniture can be reused, it could be possible to get a quick collection from someone in Farnborough who wants to buy it.

We recommend the Facebook Marketplace for quick sales over a platform such as eBay which will take longer in most cases and charge you.

Only accept cash for your old furniture to avoid falling for any online scams. 

4. Donate it to a local Farnborough charity

There are a few charities in Farnborough who might take your old furniture away. For example, Debra has two stores in the local area which sells donated furniture items. You can contact them via their website

You will also find local charity shops that take unwanted and old furniture in Farnborough.

5. Recycle or “Upcycle” it into something new

Find out if there is a local recycling centre near you. Here’s one in the city.

Alternatively, you could embark on an upcycling project to turn your old furniture into something new and useful. 

And that’s it; our 5 suggestions for getting rid of furniture in the Farnborough area.

If you would like us to quote to remove any rubbish or old furniture from your property, please get in touch today or phone to chat to our office in Hampshire.

We can remove old furniture from residential properties as well as offices and businesses. This also includes house clearances and garden waste removal.

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