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For house clearance in Fleet there’s just one choice: The Zero Waste Group – your local family run business, for more information and prices click below.

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Fleet House Clearance

Why choose us for a Fleet house clearance “near me”

Fully licensed and insured for waste removal
97% of household rubbish and waste diverted from landfill
Our friendly team donates your items to charity where possible
You will receive a waste transfer note
Competitive pricing and quality service
100s of 5 star reviews (nothing is too much trouble)

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house clearance in fleet

Zero Waste Group house clearance and rubbish removal in Fleet

How to book Zero Waste Group house clearance in Fleet? It’s simple!

  • You book

    Book online or call us to take advantage of our same day service.

  • Friendly team arrive

    Our professional clearance team will call or text 30 minutes before they arrive.

  • Junk Cleared

    No mess is left behind on all house, office, garage, or garden waste clearances.

  • Rubbish Recycled

    97% of junk, waste, & rubbish removal is landfill diverted with recycling as our top priority, fully licensed.

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Same day service available in Fleet

Sometimes a quick turnaround with a same day collection is everything. From commercial to domestic clearances, some jobs really are time sensitive. We can usually offer same day house clearance Fleet area; all you need to do is use our online booking system or give us a call. We know that there is always the need for a fast responsive and efficient service, that is why we aim to make sure our customers receive the best house clearance service possible. From the initial conversation or booking over the phone, to the final signing of the job on completion, we always make sure to provide a highly professional service.

Areas we cover

If you’re in local area postcode, we can clear a house or property of waste in super-quick time. In fact, it’s likely you’ve seen our distinctive Zero Waste Group vans in your street, which is why we usually be with you for a same day collection to help with a local house clearance job. Fleet areas we cover include places we are also near to (but are not limited to):

Blackwater, Camberley, Crookham Village, Dogmersfield, Minley, Odiham, West Green, and Winchfield Green.

Unlike other companies who claim to offer house clearance services in Fleet, can you really trust that really are local or one of many that claim to be “house clearance companies near me”? You can with Zero Waste Group, as we are a genuine household rubbish clearance business, trusted by the local community to do a great job every time.

Here’s us on the map below. We are happy to drive anywhere in Fleet on the same day.

Be thrifty with Zero Waste Group house clearance service!

Wherever possible, we’ll donate any reusable furniture from the jobs we do in Fleet. This means some of your old furniture can be put to great use and rather than large, bulky items going to landfill or incineration it instead goes to someone who’ll get more out of it by re-using it.

We will always try to make best use of any furniture, or items we collect from all the Fleet house clearances we carry out. If we believe it is an item of good quality and can be upcycled then we will also spend time and money to get this item up to a point to be re-used. It is our goal and aim to divert as much as possible because it is the right thing to do.

Rather than being wasteful we think it is best to be thrifty! Call us for more details on how to keep your clearance costs down and low. We can give you free advice and will aim to help as much as possible. Check out some of the upcycled items on the right!

We believe in keeping our costs as low as possible whilst providing an excellent service. Low cost but high reward when you use Zero Waste Group: the south’s reliable service for a house clearance in Fleet.

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The Zero Waste Way

Rubbish removal can be a dirty business, but we’re making it as clean, green and eco-friendly as it can be. Our company doesn’t just believe in sustainability, we’ve used it as the foundation for our entire business. We’ve talked before about the huge effort we make to divert waste from landfill – an impressive 97% so far – but we will not rest until we can divert 100% to be re-used. Add this to our pledge to be carbon neutral by 2025 and our commitment to reforestation, and you can rest easy that using our services is the most environmentally friendly way you can remove waste. We want our customers to feel proud when using the Zero Waste Group service for their house clearance in Fleet.

A professional service, a friendly face, and licensed team

Service is all about the human touch. We believe passionately in our green credentials, but the ‘business end’ of what we do comes down to people turning up at your door and taking away a bunch of rubbish. What we’re saying is we’re in the people business. That’s why every single one of our workers is not only a trained professional, but carefully selected for their attitude and disposition. Hire us for any Fleet house clearance job and you can expect top-notch service from trustworthy, friendly and reliable people you can count on time after time. Besides, we get most of our business through referrals and recommendations, so we’re here to do the job right in a way that leaves you completely satisfied.

Choosing a Fleet house clearance company

When choosing the right house clearance company, there are several criteria to consider, including:

  • License and insurance: Make sure the company is licensed and insured, to protect yourself and your property.
  • Experience: Look for a company with experience in the house clearance industry, as they will have the necessary skills and equipment to handle any situation.
  • Reputation: Check online reviews and testimonials to get an idea of the company’s reputation and the level of customer satisfaction.

By hiring a professional house clearance company, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Time savings: Professional house clearance companies can complete the task much faster than if you were to do it yourself.
  • Ease of access: A professional company will have the necessary equipment and vehicles to access the property and remove waste, regardless of its location or size.
  • Eco-friendly disposal: Many professional house clearance companies are committed to environmentally friendly waste disposal, ensuring that waste is disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

Remember, when searching for a house clearance company, look for one that prioritizes eco-friendliness and sustainability. This not only helps to reduce waste and preserve the environment, but it also demonstrates your commitment to a greener future.

If you’re looking for a reliable and eco-friendly house clearance company, call us now.

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sofa collection fleet

Donating to those who need it

When you book Zero Waste Group for a house clearance service in Fleet, where possible, we’ll donate any reusable furniture. This means some of your old furniture can be put to great use and rather than large, bulky items going to landfill it goes to someone who’ll get more out of it by re-using it. We like to use local charities to the area.

Keeping house clearance Fleet simple

Irrelevant of the job size or requirements, our team of friendly house clearance professionals are ready to help you. We’ll provide the most cost-effective quote possible and will be onsite as required. This commitment to efficient service and great customer service is why we have grown to become an established and trusted company within the local community of Fleet.

We offer a range of waste clearance services across all of Fleet; whether that’s a mattress collection, sofa removal, fridge removals and other white goods, or a whole property – we are here for you.

Our professional team will collect your junk from anywhere on your property, load it into their truck, and take it away to be disposed of ethically and responsibly. The only finger you need to lift is the one to point at what you need clearing.

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Company Values

To be leaders in zero waste to landfill
To divert 100% of our waste from landfill
To be carbon neutral by 2022
To donate unwanted furniture wherever possible
To use only high recycling waste transfer stations
To help with reforestation across the UK

Additional services and information

Sensitive house clearances

We offer a sensitive house clearance approach, whereby we will clear the property in a compassionate and respectful manner. This is often required when dealing with the belongings of a deceased loved one or perhaps a hoarder who has accumulated many possessions. Our aim during a sensitive house clearance is to ensure that the property is cleared efficiently and effectively while also taking into consideration the emotional needs of those involved.

When we clear a property in Fleet after a death of a friend or family member, we are not just going to come and remove items from the property but provide service that is tailored to the specific needs of you, the client. This could involve working closely with family members to identify items that hold sentimental value or require special attention. It might also mean working with local charities to ensure that unwanted items are donated to those in need. The key here is that we will always provide a service that is both efficient and compassionate, while also respecting your wishes.

We believe that clearing a house after the loss of a loved one is a specialised service that requires a high level of expertise and understanding and should be left to a professional company such as ours. By choosing the Zero Waste Group, you can be certain that your loved one’s possessions are handled with care and respect, while also taking the stress out of the clearance process.

Clearing the house of a hoarder

Similarly, when dealing with a Fleet house clearance due to a hoarding disorder, our team is specially equipped and able to offer hoarding cleaning services in a sensitive and efficient manner.

Hoarding disorder is serious a mental health condition that affects so many people and is characterised by the excessive accumulation of items, often resulting in cluttered and unsafe living conditions. We have cleared homes like this countless times now, and have the experience and equipment to do it in a compassionate and non-judgmental approach.

Respectfully clearing the house of a hoarder requires an understanding that hoarding disorder is a complex condition that cannot be solved by simply throwing away items. Instead, a collaborative effort between the hoarder and their support system is necessary to address the underlying issues and develop a plan for decluttering and organising their living space.

Rubbish clearance services

Perhaps it’s not a full house clearance you need, but instead just a select amount of rubbish cleared. This is our core business, as we’re a long-established rubbish clearance company who has built a reputation in Fleet as the very best there is.

To get started, use our calculator, get a quote, then book our team to come to the property and take away any rubbish on site, whether inside the house, or deposited outside.

Garden clearance services

As part of the house clearance job, we can also help homeowners clear out their gardens of unwanted items such as weeds, overgrown plants, and debris. This can include cleaning up and removing green waste, old greenhouses, sheds, garden furniture, leaves, turf, plants, rubble, and patio slabs.

In short, if there’s rubbish in your house’s garden and you want it gone, call us now.

Still have questions?

  • How much does a house clearance cost?

    Of all our services, a house clearance is the one where it’s not possible to give a set price on, because all houses are different in size, and will never have the same amount to clear. If you call us and give us a little information on the property, we can give you an accurate house clearance cost.

  • Do you hold all the relevant insurances and certificates to carry waste legally?

    Yes, we do, and we always recommend you ask any company including us to provide evidence for this!

  • What do house clearance companies do?

    A house clearance company will remove in full (or partially depending on the customer’s requirements) all the contents and household rubbish from a house. The unwanted items can be disposed of ethically, recycled, or donated to a charity.


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