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How Much Do Councils Charge for a House Clearance?

Depending on your location, the cost for a council house clearance will vary. Each council is different in how it runs its house clearance services, including its different requirements for disposal and ultimately how much it charges.  

In short, depending on where you live, some councils may provide house clearances which come at a cost. They may even be more expensive than working with a reputable house removal business such the Zero Waste Group

Nonetheless, if councils do, some might insist on not taking certain materials and items like chemicals or upholstered furnishings. You might be asked to handle certain items like disconnecting a fridge and cooker or removing carpet so that you can save on labour charge. It’s always best to contact your local council to confirm everything. 

Costs Associated with council house clearances 

The cost of a council house clearance will often be determined by the quantity of waste that needs to be removed. Usually expressed in terms of weight or volume, the price can change based on the local council’s set fee. It is noteworthy that certain households, such as those with low incomes or those who have just experienced a bereavement, may also be eligible for a free or reduced-cost house clearance service from their local council. 

However, based on the regulations and availability of the local councils, eligibility for certain services may differ. 

The amount a council charges to clear a house can vary from £80 to £2,500. Typically, there are one-time fees for the work and subsequent costs that go up to £2,500 for both major and little goods. 

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive is responsible for small electrical appliances such as toasters and microwaves, typically costing around £10 each for disposal. Whereas larger appliances like TVs and monitors costing about £20. 

Anticipate paying between £40 and £50 for bulky items like refrigerators and couches. This is because, to safeguard the environment any hazardous substances used in their construction must be appropriately removed. 

Also, If the house clearance team needs to park in a restricted area and need to pay for a permit or congestion charge be prepared for additional fees. 

Alternatives to local council house clearances 

In case obtaining a clearance from the local council house is not feasible, there exist several other options for affordable house clearances. Here are a few choices: 

Use a Waste Clearance Company 

The Zero Waste Group offers house clearance services in multiple locations across the south coast which you can book in advance. These include: 

Hiring a private house clearance company can be more quick, efficient and cost-effective compared to getting the council to do it. Also, if items are of high value, it could be sold and result in the customer being charged a lower price. 

Charity house clearance 

Charitable organisations can take your high-quality items for a fee, which they may sell for a profit. Examples include clothing, toys and furniture. The positive of this is that your money will most likely help a charity raise funds for a great cause. 

However, this may not solve the main problem of a full house clearance as only significant items are taken. 

Make money by selling online

Why not sell things that you no longer need but are in good condition? You can sell goods on a variety of online marketplaces, including Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, and eBay. 

Additionally, you can have a car boot sale or have a garage sale. Things which might not sell or be accepted by charities due to bad quality, would best be disposed of through other means.  

Disposing of unwanted items

It’s vital that any unwanted items are disposed of ethically and responsibly, as illegal fly-tipping may result in fines or prosecution. 

Skip Hire: Rent a skip and load it up with the stuff you need to get rid of. When it comes to huge amounts of waste, this can be a reasonably priced solution. 

Bin Collection: Great for small items that the team at Zero Waste Group can pick up. Standard general waste and recycling waste collection services are included in the pricing. It’s crucial to note that additional products, dangerous materials, and heavy rubbish are not covered by these charges. Additionally, keep in mind that these costs only cover waste collection; a bin/container is not included in this service. 

Recycling: Numerous materials, including paper, cardboard, glass, and plastic, are recyclable. To find out what can be recycled in your area, contact the local council. Or use the Zero Waste Group who divert 97% of waste away from landfill.  

Sofa Collection: If your council doesn’t take your upholstered seating due to it being considered hazardous waste. The Zero Waste Group offers a cost-effective sofa collection service. 

Man & Van: Employ a rubbish removal business to get rid of your unwanted items. This is a good choice for large bulky products.

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