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How Much Does Garage Clearance Cost?

There’s an old saying of “out of sight, out of mind” which is so often true with garages. We pile it up high with junk and rubbish, always thinking we’re going to come and organise it sooner or later. But that day never comes.

Garages are also great places to store rubbish before we go to tip. But that day never comes either… meaning we’re in need of professional help with a garage clearance.

But how much does a garage clearance cost?

Garage clearances can cost between £60 and £330 depending on how much rubbish you need clearing. At Zero Waste Group our typical garage clearances can be as low as £60 for a mini-collection, or £180 for a builder’s skip load.

If you can’t even get into your garage, let alone are able to take the rubbish to a tip, call us today for a quote, or look at our prices. We offer a same day garage clearance service, so could be with you within a couple of hours, to quickly help you reclaim your garage space.

garage rubbish removal
Call Zero Waste Group today for help with your garage.

We are fully licensed and insured waste carriers meaning you have peace of mind when we arrive your property. It will be disposed of legally and ethically, with high recycling rates.

The nature of garage rubbish clearances often means there will be toxic or dangerous items that need removing. These can include items such as:

  • Beds and mattresses.
  • Bricks and rubble.
  • Car body parts.
  • Car batteries.
  • Gas canisters
  • Liquids including brake fluids, oils, antifreeze, and paints.
  • White goods including fridges and washing machines.

When you call us for an exact garage clearance cost, please don’t forget to give us an overview of what’s in the garage, and possibly even send us a photo – that way we can give a more accurate price for removing your garage rubbish.

How it works

How we work is very simple and is made as easy as possible for you. Here’s a brief rundown of what’s involved:

1. Call us to book your garage rubbish clearance

You can speak to one of our friendly team members, explain the state of your garage, and then arrange a time to suit you. We are often able to come out the same day.

2. Wait for us to arrive

Our team will call you 15 minutes before they arrive, so you know exactly what to expect. Keep an eye out for our distinctive trucks and uniformed team when they arrive at your property.

3. All garage rubbish cleared and tidied up

We don’t just remove rubbish from your garage; we will also make sure there’s zero mess left when we leave so you have nothing left to do.

4. Rubbish recycled away from landfill

We try to ensure that 90% or more of garage junk we clear is diverted away from landfill and recycled where possible. We also try to donate to charities anything from your garage that can be re-used.

If you want to know exactly how much a garage clearance costs “near me” then call us now. The phone number is at the top of the page.

Warnings over people offering a garage clearance for free

If you are looking for a company or man and van who can do a garage clearance for free, good luck. It’s unlikely you will find a reputable and licensed waste carrier who will clear your garage at no cost, unless, you have valuable and re-saleable items in there.

Garage clearance companies are charged to dispose or recycle a lot of the waste generated during a rubbish removal, hence it’s unlikely you will find it for free.

If you can’t book a garage clearance for free, you might think the next best thing is the cheapest price. 

Be careful.

A word of warning about fly-tipping. 

There are risks in using unlicensed man and van services. There daily news reports of unlicensed waste carriers being responsible for fly-tipping incidents in the UK.

If the rubbish is dumped in a public space or on private property and can then be traced back to you, you can be held legally responsible.

In fact, only last week we heard of a homeowner who paid a low price for a garage clearance. Two men arrived in an un-branded van, removed the rubbish from the garage, charged £40 cost, drove away, and dumped it all in a nearby country lane.

The garage rubbish was traced back to the homeowner due to a bill in a bin bag. 

If you are found responsible for fly-tipped rubbish, fines can be as high as £50,000 or 12 months in prison.

Did you know? We can also clear rubbish from your house or flat.

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