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How to Dispose of a Microwave?

The correct and proper disposal of microwaves is extremely important from both an environmental point of view, as well as safety. Microwaves can contain harmful materials, including lead, mercury, and cadmium, which can pollute air, water, as well as being a threat to wildlife and human health if not disposed of carefully.

If you didn’t already know, the Zero Waste Group team could come and collect any rubbish you have, including microwaves. We divert up to 98% of rubbish away from landfill and have a strict recycling policy – contact us for a rubbish removal quote

Below you can see our tips for properly disposing of a microwave, which also includes several recycling options. 

We also have advice on how to get a microwave ready for disposal. By following out tips you can ensure the safe and responsible disposal of your microwave. 

How to dispose of a microwave properly

Whether you want to know how to dispose of a microwave near you, or what the recycling options are, here’s the lowdown of options.

1. Use a licensed and ethical waste disposal company

One quick and easy way to dispose of a microwave, particularly if it’s part of a larger amount of waste, is to use a licensed rubbish removal company such as Zero Waste Group. Find out how we dispose of your rubbish, and our policy for recycling on this link.

2. Check with your local council

Most local councils in the UK have recycling initiatives for electronic devices and white goods, including microwaves. Often you might be able to dispose of the microwave at your local Household Waste and Recycling Centre for free, or your council might charge you to pick it up from your home.

Before you do this, make sure the council has an electronic device recycling policy, and whether they will accept microwaves for recycling.

3. Donate to a charity

Another great way to dispose of a microwave is to donate it to charity (providing it works and is safe). You can give back to the community and make that the microwave will be put to good use and not end up in landfill.

Charities rely on donations to help those in need, and a microwave can be a valuable addition to a household. By donating your microwave, you could help provide a family or a local community organisation with a much-needed appliance.

Search for a local charity that provides working appliances to low-income families, or perhaps a charity that provides services to specific communities or groups. 

Many charities might even pick the microwave up from your home, making the donation process easy and convenient, instead of a disposal.

4. Sell it to someone 

You can also dispose of a microwave by selling it. It also means you can get some money back on your original purchase. 

The quickest way to sell a microwave is to use local buy-and-sell groups on social media. It means you can reach a wide audience of people who might be prepared to come to your house and collect it that same day.

To increase the chances of selling it quickly, make sure to clean it thoroughly and take good photos before listing it.

Can you put a microwave in the bin?

We do not recommend you put a microwave in the bin. Your local council might have legislation against it, and it also means the microwave will end up in landfill. This is not environmentally friendly and is the worst possible way you can dispose of a microwave.

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