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Loft Clearance in Winchester (+ costs)

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Zero Waste Group is Hampshire’s leading rubbish removal company according to online reviews. We are fully licensed waste carriers and insured to clear waste and junk from your home in a quick and responsible manner. This also often includes clearing loft spaces and unwanted items from attic in house or buildings in the Winchester area. 

If you want to know how much a loft clearance or house clearance in Winchester would cost, please use our booking form. Alternatively, read on to see how our Winchester loft clearance service works and how much it costs.

How our Winchester loft clearance service works

To get started with a loft or house clearance in Winchester, you can book online, or call us on our phone number displayed at the top of the page. All you need to do is explain how much waste you have, the size of the loft, and how accessible it is, and we could be with you the same day. In fact, you have probably seen the distinctive Zero Waste Group white and green vans driving around Winchester already, as we have a local office.

Once you have a day and time slot booked, our polite and professional loft clearance team will call 30 minutes before they arrive. They will assess the waste in your loft or attic and provide you with the final quote before clearing if it needs to change. It could be more; it could be less. 

Our team will then clear your loft waste. We include labour with all our rubbish removal jobs. We always take before and after pictures and you will be sent a completed job card on completion.

Once we have packed the junk and rubbish into our trucks, we will take it away. Unlike some Winchester loft clearance companies, we recycle as much as possible. All waste is transported to a local waste transfer station which on average recycles over 97% of the rubbish we collect. 

We will always provide you with a digital Waste Transfer Note which will be emailed on completion of the job.

How much does a loft clearance in Winchester cost?

When you book a loft clearance with Zero Waste Group you can expect to pay between £200 and £400. We are one of the highest-rated loft rubbish clearance companies in the UK and are trusted by thousands of customers to clear their waste efficiently, legally, and ethically. 

The reason the cost of a loft rubbish clearance is in that range will depend on the size of the loft, how much waste needs to be cleared, and possibly the type of waste that needs to be cleared from the loft space. 

There are several factors can affect how much you pay for a loft rubbish clearance in the Winchester area, including:

How big or small the loft or attic is

The larger your loft, the more it will typically cost to clear. For example, a small loft clearance price that has waste weighing up to 450kg or about half a large van load can cost around £195 + VAT on top. 

If you have a medium clearance that is up to 750kg or three-quarters of a large van load, the house clearance will cost you upwards of £280 + VAT.

How much loft rubbish needs removing

The amount of waste to be cleared from your loft will also affect the cost. The more rubbish you have, the more it will cost to clear. Loft clearance companies will charge by the weight of the waste or by the volume of the waste. 

At Zero Waste Group we charge by volume but do have weight limits for each pricing tier. We will always give you a clear estimate of the cost before you hire us. 

The type of waste that needs removing

For example, certain items have charged attached to them. These include things like TVs, refrigerators, and fluorescent lighting tubes. 

What does loft clearance mean?

When we do a loft clearance in Winchester or Southampton, we remove items that are no longer needed. Once these items are removed, the loft is left cleared, clean, and empty, ready for use as a storage space or an additional room.

Loft clearance can be a challenging task which is why so many people in Winchester choose the Zero Waste Group. This is particularly true if the loft is full of clutter and hard to access. We have the necessary experience, skills, tools, and equipment to access hard-to-reach areas and safely remove items from the attic space.

It is important to note that there are some items that we would not remove from a during a loft clearance job such as asbestos which should be removed by a specialist. 

Choosing the right loft clearance company in Winchester

Of course, we are biased when we say choose us, but our reviews and reputation really do speak for themselves. But as with anything like this, please do your due diligence. Here’s what to look for in a loft clearance company.

Always check that the company you select has a waste carrier license and is insured to do the job – we do. If you do decide to pay a random man in a van with no documents, there is a chance that your loft rubbish could be fly tipped. 

You could be held legally responsible for any rubbish dumped.

Zero Waste are fully insured and licensed and will give you a waste transfer note upon completion of the loft rubbish clearance, so you know where your junk ended up.

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