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Poole Tip Opening Times: When to Visit + Alternatives

Poole Tip at Nuffield Industrial Estate, 92-98 Nuffield Rd, Nuffield Industrial Estate, Poole BH17 0RS is a Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) operated by BCP Council. It is open most days for local residents to dispose of their waste in an environmentally friendly manner. But don’t get caught out… here are the Poole tip opening times below, showing when you can visit. 

April to SeptemberOpening hours
Monday9am to 5pm
Tuesday9am to 5pm
Wednesday 9am to 5pm
Thursday9am to 5pm
Friday9am to 5pm
Saturday9am to 5pm
Sunday9am to 5pm
October to March
Monday9am to 4pm
Tuesday9am to 4pm
Wednesday9am to 4pm
Thursday9am to 4pm
Friday9am to 4pm
Saturday9am to 4pm
Sunday9am to 4pm
Please note that last entry is set at 15 minutes before the closing time.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that these opening times won’t change. On bank holidays, the opening hours of Poole HWRC may differ. It is recommended to check the official website of BCP Council for any updates on the opening hours or call directly on 01202 123123. 

An alternative to Poole tip

Please note, if you cannot get to Poole tip at a time that suits you, or you cannot get all the household waste and rubbish cleared from your house, please consider the Zero Waste Group. You can book a rubbish removal collection with us, and we might even be able to get to you on the same day!

For example, Poole tip is closed on Bank Holidays… so if need to get rid of waste today, use our online booking system instead and we will come collect it.  

The Poole recycling site accepts a wide range of materials, including paper, glass, cans, plastic, textiles, batteries, and TVs.

More on Poole tip’s opening times and hours

Local residents can visit the Poole Tip every day of the week, Monday to Sunday. However, it is closed on public holidays, regardless of the day of the week the date falls upon. Visitors are advised to check the vehicle restrictions in place before accessing the site.

We would advise you check the council website before visiting, due to unexpected closures. Also try to go when the tip is least busy. You can get an idea of when those times are by checking on Google. 

There are some restrictions in place, so visitors are advised to check the ID requirements and what the banned vehicles and trailers are each site. 

Overview of Poole Tip

The recycling centres located in Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole are accessible to residents of those cities. Prior to going, check the websites of each centre for any restrictions. If you cannot produce proof of residency, such as a utility statement with your name and address on it, a council tax bill, or a photocard driver’s licence, you will be refused entry. Certain residents of Dorset may be eligible to utilise recycling centres run by BCP Council; visit the Dorset Council website for details. Vans are not allowed for residents of Dorset Council but only cars are. 

While Poole recycling centre is off-limits to charities, in Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole, charities can seek for a permit to dispose of donated household waste, subject to certain restrictions. Pedestrians who are riding or walking may bring rubbish to the facility, however they must register at the security gate and provide identification proving they are residents of the BCP Council. 

Materials that are accepted and therefore recycled or composted include: metal items, batteries, furniture, plasterboard and electrical products. Flares, car parts and large demolition works waste are examples of some things that are not accepted. Consider using the Zero Waste Groups Skip hire service; an efficient way of disposing your waste. 

Recycling centres allow locals to get rid of small amounts of DIY trash for free; each home is only allowed one visit per week. This can be one large item up to 200cm x 75cm (like a shower screen, toilet or sink) or up to 2 x 50 litre bags of DIY rubbish (like dirt, debris, plasterboard, asbestos). Only residents of BCP Council are eligible for this free grant. If the weekly allotment of free DIY garbage is exceeded, there will be fees. The residents’ own small-scale do-it-yourself projects must provide the garbage, not from employment that is compensated.

If you are unable to take certain items to Poole tip or they have an unexpected closure, please consider using the Zero Waste Group rubbish removal service which also includes garden and house clearance services.

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