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Salisbury Garden Waste Not Collected: Your Options

Winchester Garden Waste Not Collected

If you live in Salisbury and your garden waste collection has not been fulfilled, you have an option.

If your garden waste has not been collected this week, or you are on the waiting list to get a brown bin, you could call Zero Waste Group instead. We offer a fast, competitively priced, and efficient garden waste collection service in Salisbury

  • We’re efficient and affordable.
  • 100% of garden waste is diverted from landfill.
  • Fully licensed and insured.
  • No mess left behind after a garden clearance.
  • Highest reviewed service in Salisbury
  • Low cost prices.

We also collect rubbish from your garden such as old furniture and kid’s outdoor toys. In fact, we are able to remove any type of rubbish from your property, no matter where it is, indoors or outdoors.

But back to the garden waste not being collected in Salisbury… it will have an impact on residents. If your collection is missed it will cause inconvenience and frustration. 

If you pay for a service which doesn’t then happen, you can be left can with overflowing brown garden waste bins. This may can attract pests and vermin. The delay in the collection of garden waste can occasionally lead an increase in green waste fly-tipping in some areas – we have seen reports of this around the UK.

To avoid your Salisbury garden waste brown bin being emptied, make sure you check your collection day and to ensure your garden waste is presented at the boundary of their property by 6:30 am on the day of collection. 

If you are finding it’s not working how you want it to, please contact Zero Waste Group. We also offer house clearances in Salisbury too, so offer the full package of waste removal.

Potential recommendations for missed garden waste collections in Salisbury

Having spoken to Salisbury customers, we’ve come up with a few solutions and recommendations that could be implemented to address the issue of garden waste not being collected in Salisbury by the council. 

One potential solution is to improve communication between the council and residents. This could involve providing clearer information about the garden waste collection schedule and any changes to the service. The council could also consider providing more frequent updates on social media or through email newsletters to ensure that residents are aware of any issues or delays with the service.

Another potential solution is to increase the frequency of garden waste collections. This could help to reduce the amount of waste that is left uncollected and ensure that residents have a more reliable service. The council could also consider providing additional bins or sacks for households that generate a large amount of garden waste.

In addition, the council could explore alternative methods of disposing of garden waste, such as composting. This could involve providing information and resources to residents on how to compost their garden waste at home or setting up community composting schemes in local parks or allotments.

Finally, the council could consider revising the current opt-in garden waste scheme. Under the current system, residents are required to pay an annual fee to have their garden waste collected. However, this has been criticised by some residents who feel that they are paying for a service that is not reliable. The council could consider revising the fee structure or introducing a pay-as-you-go system to make the service more affordable and accessible to all residents.

Overall, there are several potential solutions and recommendations that could be implemented to address the issue of garden waste not being collected in Salisbury. By working with residents and exploring alternative methods of disposal, the council can ensure that the service is reliable and meets the needs of the community.

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