Thu 12 Jan 2023

What Time Can You Burn Garden Waste in the UK?

There is no set time of day for burning garden waste in the UK. However, we do recommend that you only burn garden waste during daylight hours and when weather conditions are safe to minimize the risk of fires. 

It is also important to check your local council regulations, as burning garden waste may be prohibited in certain locations. It’s also only fair that you take into consideration the effects of smoke on air quality and nearby residents.

Also be careful to not break the law. We’ve written at length before about the laws on burning garden waste in the UK, but here’s a quick reminder.

“In the UK, it is illegal to burn household waste in your garden if it will cause pollution or harm people’s health. The Environmental Protection Act 1990 and is an offence under the Clean Air Act 1993. Laws prohibits the burning of household waste in an open space, except in certain circumstances.”

If you do decide to go ahead, try to reduce how much smoke you generate as to not annoy neighbours or put health at risk. Here are some tips on how to burn garden waste without producing lots of smoke.

It’s important to remember that certain materials like plastic, rubber, and treated wood should not be burned, as they release toxins into the air when burned. It’s also best to avoid burning during high air pollution days or during droughts. Instead of burning those items, put them to one side as part of a house clearance service for later.

Keep bucket of water or a hose nearby in case of any accidental fires and to inform your neighbors before starting the burning. 

It’s illegal to burn garden waste on public land, it’s only allowed on private property with the landowner’s permission.

If after reading all of this, you decide it’s not a good idea to start a bonfire, or you have items that are unsuitable for burning, consider calling Zero Waste Group for a garden rubbish removal quote. We provide an affordable, reliable, and speedy service for homeowners and businesses by removing and disposing of garden rubbish and waste.

Did you know? We have just launched our rubbish removal service in Reading, Berkshire, including garden waste removal too.

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